• 所属行业:互联网/电子商务
  • 企业规模:51-100人
  • 企业性质:民营/私营企业


  • 工作地点:北京
  • 有效日期:2019年04月12日 至 2019年06月11日
  • 招聘人数:2 人
  • 职位性质:全职

平面设计师 职位描述:

Skill set:

1 The basic requirements of traditional graphic design
2 Have a certain understanding of information design
3 Experience in User Interface Design, User Experience, and web development
4 Experience in user centered/responsive/mobile design, global websites are a plus
5 Experience presenting & reviewing design with internal clients
6 Expert knowledge with Adobe Creative Suite, primarily Photoshop and Illustrator
7 Proficient in Microsoft software, such as Word and PPT
熟练使用Microsoft的工具,Wd & PPT
8 Fast paced with attention to detail
9 Strong communication and customer service skills

As the Graphic /UI Designer at Legal Miner, your duties will include (but are not limited to) the following:
作为理脉的平面/ UI设计师,您在理脉的工作(包括但不限于)以下内容。

1 Design the cover and layout of the company’s Proposal, Report and other documents
对公司的Proposal, Report等文件进行封面和版面设计。
2 Meet the requirements of inforgraphic design in the product
3 Preparing design concepts for offline, online, and mobile applications
4 Develops relevant strategies and designs by collecting business needs from one or more stakeholders while considering end-user needs
5 Quality controller for visual media
6 Confer with design and technical staff on projects
7 Create appropriate media including video, animation, still images, text, and audio
8 Execute creative strategies to achieve results with a brand focus
9 Create products that will easily communicate ideas and concepts to clients
10 Collaborate with clients, software engineers, and product management to create customized items
11 Evaluate user feedback to improve designs

Please respond with your résumé and cover letter(no more than 2 pages). Portfolios also welcome. Qualifying individuals will undergo basic written tests and interviews.
Email: hr@legalminer.com


职位名称 工作地点 职位类型 发布日期 所属机构
平面设计师 北京 全职 10月10日 北京总部
市场媒体实习生—会议活动方向 北京 兼职/实习 8月14日 北京总部
市场媒体实习生—数字营销方向 北京 兼职/实习 8月14日 北京总部
资深营销主管 北京 全职 8月02日 北京总部
资深Java开发工程师 北京 全职 8月02日 北京总部
高级Java开发工程师 北京 全职 8月02日 北京总部


理脉LEGAL MINER 是一个基于互联网和大数据,并结合人工智能的商业服务平台;我们致力于挖掘整理各类商业数据,发现数据背后的逻辑关系,创建人和数据的深度连结,打造全新的商业服务模式,提供最贴合商业需求与使用场景的智能服务。作为开启中国商业信息技术新时代的先行者,理脉的诞生可谓“厚积而薄发”。通过联合金杜律师事务所,理脉聚集商业、法律、技术等各类人才,一同为打造智能服务系统做出贡献。
Legal Miner is an international company located in the central business district of Beijing. Despite a professional international business atmosphere, Legal Miner also provides a comfortable environment for employees to express their ideas. Professionals in various fields work closely together to establish a cooperative and efficient team. Employees of Legal Miner receive high level benefits including competitive salaries and insurance. The company also creates a platform where employees can develop their talents under supportive guidance while also discovering opportunities to further their growth. Legal Miner provides internship opportunities to students. As an intern within the company, you will be exposed to real experiences in business practice and acquire occupational skills necessary for a successful future.
Legal Miner is looking for loyal individuals committed to working towards a revolutionary future in a traditional field. As a bold and innovative company, Legal Miner provides employees with the best resources, including high-end technology, international experts in various fields, and a team of highly co-operative individuals. With such tools, interns/employees are expected to handle an array of different jobs necessary to achieve Legal Miner’s vision.
Despite being a business search platform, Legal Miner intends on hiring from many different fields in order to create a comprehensive and diverse workplace. The employees of Legal Miner are dedicated towards promoting each other’s strengths and unlocking the full potential of each individual. Candidates for the position must be loyal workers searching for a position with high demands and high pay-offs. Through Legal Miner’s internship, not only are interns potentially offered a respectable job, but a lifetime career.

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